A big love of mine is cars. I am lucky enough to own my own car and with that, modify it to how I wish and to how I love! The Automobile Community is such a big part of this world, we are all a family supporting each other in how we express ourselves. With being a part of this community, I like to give people who are on the outside, a look into this world without having to be a part of it, a way that they too can enjoy it without having a modified vehicle themselves.

The photo car I photographed is the blue, black and yellow half wrapped Corsa you see below, my own pride and joy. I believe I have captured my 'Freddie's' true potential and shown him in the light that I see him in.

Please enjoy the variety of pictures below.

All my images are available to print in any style of your choice and if you would like a photoshoot done, please feel free to contact me via the Contact Me page!